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I like this picture
Purple contacts by PinkyParadise 
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dude is a gender neutral term if you think differently you are wrong




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smoking bowls in the tent
Template for Preferred Name/Pronouns Letter to Teachers:


Dear Professor [name],

My name is [Preferred name], and I will be attending your course [blank] on [days] at [time] this [term]. I am transgender and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster is my legal name, [Legal name]. I would greatly appreciate it if you refer to me as [Preferred name] and use [pronouns] when referring to me. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to starting your course next week.


~[Preferred name]

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lipstick covered magnet // the front bottoms 


when i was around 5 i asked my mom why “some people were different colors” and she said “because god wanted lots of flavors” and let me tell you that was the wrong thing to say because for the next 3 years i thought god ate people when they died

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  • Romantic sexual: Hot, single, & ready to mingle
  • Aromantic sexual: Cool, fresh, & ready to mesh
  • Romantic asexual: Warm, subtle, & ready to cuddle
  • Aromantic asexual: Already pretty comfortable

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